Three classes of car are raced at Wodonga. Touring Cars, F1 and Mini

Touring Cars are the most popular class of cars we race on the on road side here at Wodonga. Generally the classes we run at Wodonga are 21.5 and 13.5 at a club level. The cars are 4wd chassis that run on rubber tires and are powered by lipo batteries and brushless motors. The slowest of the 2 classes is 21.5, this reffers to the windings of the motor used. 21.5 brushless motors are readily available at most hobby shops or online stores. This is the place a beginner comes to race, the speed is managable and the car setup is less critical. The brands and prices of chassis are many and varied, Tamiya, Xray, Hotbodies, Team Associated, T.O.P, Yokomo, just to name a few. It is highly advisable to ask any of the current racers at Wodonga to get an idea of what racers use as this can greatly influence your choice in car. Something that is simple to work on and parts availabilty is good make the best choices for the newcomer. The faster class, 13.5, is the next level in speed. With both of these classes we run to our own agreed on rule set in regards to motors and speed controllers.

Mini Is another popular class that is another popular class that is run not only at Wodonga but all over the country. Relatively cheap to get involved in and once again extremely well controlled class. Rc mini is a fantastic source of information for all things mini related, these guys have been around for years and are a great help to anybody who needs it.

F1 is as simple as it comes, quite an easy way to enter the on road side of the rc car world. While only a fairly young class at Wodonga it is proving to be very popular amongst both the racers who drive them as well as the spectators who watch. These cars are rear wheel drive only with lower levels of grip compared to a touring car with quite strictly controlled rules. The rules can be found  at the rc formula1 website. There is a heap of great information on this site for the beginners or seasoned racers alike.

The worst thing a new family or person looking at getting involved in rc car racing is to stop and watch but not ask questions, so please come and say hi to any of the racers in the pit area, they will be more than happy to give you any help you are looking for. We also have a few people to thank for the above pics and website links,, and a couple of pictures from rc tech forums.